Get Involved! Volunteer Opportunities

Great news! Signing up to volunteer is so easy! Click here to begin the registration process and see a list of volunteer opportuities.

There are many areas within Jasper High School that need volunteers! It takes a large number of volunteers to keep the school running. Clubs and groups like orchestra, band, Jasper Jazz, cheerleading, sports organizations, theater, and others all need volunteer support! Look for volunteer opportunities for all of these groups. 

PTSA Board Positions

There are a few remaining Jasper PTSA Board positions that remain open. These opportunities are a great way to meet more people at Jasper, help our school out, and remain involved in your child's high school years. We hope you'll join us!  

To find out about open PTSA positions, email PTSA President Venetia Robertson at president@jasperptsa.org.


In order to volunteer, please read below!

All PISD volunteers must have a background check. To do this, volunteers are asked to complete an application that is found online at www.pisd.edu/volunteer.


Scroll down and click on "Returning Volunteer" if you volunteered for the last school year. You will be asked for your User ID and Password that you created when you first completed the online volunteer application. If you cannot remember your User ID, then click on the third option, "Registered Volunteer with no User ID," and follow the instructions. Be sure to click on "Update" to go to the screens to update your application.

If this is your first time to volunteer in PISD or you have never completed the online volunteer application, please click on the second option, "New Volunteer," and follow the instructions.

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