Jasper PTSA Membership

Jasper PTSA Membership (Parent, Teacher, Student Association)

We encourage all parents and students to join the Jasper PTSA. Your membership dues help pay for classroom supplies, teacher appreciation, programs for students, and wish list items for the staff. The PTA is the largest child advocacy association in the US. A small portion of your dues helps support legislative action teams at the state and national level. 

Fundraising and Donations

Financially, our PTSA sponsors many programs and activities for our students, parents, and staff. We need your financial support to continue to be able to provide the support for our school that we think is important in maintaining the expectations we have for our school. 

This year the PTSA will not be selling candy at school. If you are not familiar with this program, there used to be daily candy sales at school. The revenue from these sales was significant! In addition, the PTSA does not participate in traditional fundraising activities such as selling cookie dough or gift wrap. We rely solely on donations from our parents. 

Please consider whether your family can make a tax deductible donation to our PTSA. The Jasper PTSA Executive Board is diligent in assuring that our PTSA funds are used wisely. You can include this donation with your membership— there is a place on the form dedicated to donations. 

Families that donate $100 or more will be invited to attend a small group lunch at Jasper. Our principal, Dr. Matthew Endsley, will be the host! This is a great opportunity to get to know your son or daughter’s principal, meet other families, and support your PTSA. 
You can join PTSA and make a donation by clicking HERE.
Jaguar Bronze Paw Donation, $25 
Jaguar Silver Paw Donation, $50 
Jaguar Gold Paw Donation, $75      
Jaguar Platinum Paw Donation, $100