Jasper PTSA 2019-2020

Executive Board & Committee Chair Roster


We are currently trying to fill our OPEN positions. If you are interested and would like more information, please send an email to president@jasperptsa.org.


Executive Board    
President Lavina Kayyal president@jasperptsa.org
VP – Programs Alice Weaver programs@jasperptsa.org
VP – Membership Lisa Mendiola membership@jasperptsa.org
VP – Ways & Means Liu Yang waysandmeans@jasperptsa.org
VP – Communications Saadia Alvi communications@jasperptsa.org
Secretary Holly Slotkin secretary@jasperptsa.org
Treasurer Angela Bao treasurer@jasperptsa.org
Parliamentarian Kay McPherson parliamentarian@jasperptsa.org
Arts in Education Linsey Sohee Lee reflections@jasperptsa.org 
Council Delegate Yunibe Enriquez councildelegate@jasperptsa.org
Environmental Becky Schuerman Choi environmental@jasperptsa.org
Hospitality Elora Chowdhury hospitality@jasperptsa.org
Hospitality OPEN hospitality@jasperptsa.org
Social Media Swagata Chowdhury socialmedia@jasperptsa.org
Student Activities (Jagfest) Yemistha Esther Ruman studentactivities@jasperptsa.org
Legislative Laura C legislative@jasperptsa.org
Youth Protection Joe Escobar youthprotection@jasperptsa.org
Principal Billie Jean Lee billie-jean.lee@pisd.edu
Faculty Rep Bryan McCord bryan.mccord@pisd.edu
Committee Chairs    
Birthday Coordinator Krisinda Lingenfelter birthdays@jasperptsa.org
Office / Volunteer Coordinator Nadia Ardah volunteers@jasperptsa.org
Cultural Diversity Fernanda Revuelta-Corzo culturaldiversity@jasperptsa.org
Cultural Diversity Lily Virmani--Sharma culturaldiversity@jasperptsa.org
Cultural Diversity Yuanhua Chen culturaldiversity@jasperptsa.org
SAGE Chair Grace Du sage@jasperptsa.org 
SAGE Frank Fan sage@jasperptsa.org 
Teacher Treats Chair Heather Coleman teachertreats@jasperptsa.org
Recommended Reading Jennifer Sue reading@jasperptsa.org
Spirit Wear Chair Gigi Campos spiritwear@jasperptsa.org
Spirit Wear  Jennifer Nicholson spiritwear@jasperptsa.org
Community Outreach Kathy Hathaway communityoutreach@jasperptsa.org
Plano West Liaison Laura C. planowestliaison@jasperptsa.org


Jasper High School PTSA Calendar 2020-2021

General Meeting and PTSA Presentations – 6:00 PM in Room 1100 unless noted otherwise

September 16 – Mental Health Awareness (Jasper)

October 21 – Drug & Alcohol (PTSA)

January 27 – College Information, Cafeteria (PTSA)

February 25 – Social Media and Social Emotional Learning (Jasper)

April 14 – Driving (PTSA)

May 12 – Meet the Principal, 11:00 AM (PTSA)


Jag Walkabout/Schedule Pick-Up –

July 31, 9:00 AM-1:00 PM
Jasper Cafeteria

Walkabout Lite – August 6, 9:00 AM-3:00 PM

Camp Jag – August 8, 9:00 AM-11:30 AM

Welcome Coffee with Principal – August 20, 9:30 AM (Room 1100)

Donor Luncheon (tentative)
(for those that donated $100 or more) - TBD

Spirit Week – September 28 – October 2

Homecoming Dance – October 3

Fall Jagfest – October 23

Spring Jagfest – April 16

Spirit Sales/Market Day
August 19 (Jasper only)
September 23
October 28
November 18
January 27
February 24
March 24







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