Parking Maps 

Student Drop Off and Pick Up

In order to help make drop-off and pick-up as smooth and safe as possible, we want to make sure everyone is aware of the procedures for student drop off and pick up and understand traffic patterns. Please read the following and view the maps below.


Student Drop Off

No student should be dropped off in the front (North parking lot) of Jasper before school. This includes extra curricular activities at any time. All students should be dropped off in the circle drive or South student parking lot. In the morning, both lanes of the circle drive are drop off lanes. Please make sure your student is aware to watch for traffic of other cars and buses in the bus lane as they cross to the student entrance. If you are dropping off in the right drop off lane closest to the building, please watch for students crossing in front of you.


Student Pick Up

All students should be picked up in the South circle drive or South parking lot. There should not be any student being picked up in the North parking lot. This includes tennis players and all fine arts students.


Specific Directions for Circle Drive 

Please be aware that the right lane of the circle drive is for pick-up only. Cars may park along the curb and move forward as cars exit the pick up lane. The left lane of the circle drive is not a pick up lane and should be used only for exiting the circle drive only. Please do not stop and block the left lane and do not allow your student to enter your vehicle while you are in the left lane.


Specific Directions for the South Student Parking Lot

Parents are encouraged to utilize the South student parking lot for student pick up. There are certain traffic flow specifics everyone needs to adhere to. Please see the map below for specifics. No one should use the center lane at any point. This is a bus lane only.


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